If you have an active subscription to Adobe After Effects CC2019+, there's a very good chance Motion Designer will be a good fit for you.

Dokyu has been carefully designed with the new user in mind, for everyone from the client-juggling veteran to the business owner who wants to promote their business with no prior experience in professional video.

If you don't have After Effects consider making the investment into your brand, or consider hiring an agency to produce videos for you.
You're able to get free lifetime access to Dokyu's stock image and video libraries, as well as the 279 animated icon motion library. Many casual users find that this is valuable alone, without ever upgrading.

To unlock all the VFX libraries, there is a one-time upgrade cost of $57. It’s an affordable motion design option and great for anyone from motion design professionals to beginners who want to save time, and ramp up their video marketing efforts.

Dokyu Media allows you to browse and import stock images & 4K videos automatically into After Effects, without having to leave your project. The animated icons were selected for their relevance to a broad range of client/video projects.
Internet access is fundamental to Dokyu given that we're downloading media online. However, you should still be able to add and edit scenes as these files are stored locally.
By 2020 the average person will be spending 84 minutes a day watching videos online. Video is growing. The problem is, it’s kinda hard to do well.

With Dokyu, we make motion design more accessible, by opening up our studio's motion artwork to anyone building a brand online, without the need to start from square one. If you haven’t the time nor inclination to learn motion design but want to give your brand the edge over every competitor vying for attention, Dokyu exists for you.

If you’re a business owner, it will help you increase brand engagement while leaving you more time to focus on your own strengths in building your business. If you're a film-maker, Dokyu will help you raise the production value of your edits in order to better communicate your message, grow your video audience, and keep everyone else in the rear-view mirror.
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