The three Dokyu tiers cater to distinctly different skillsets, but there is some cross-over. So let’s look at the essential differences first.

Motion Designer is the most affordable, but it’s also the most time-consuming. If you have a subscription to Adobe After Effects and are sensitive to price, you might consider it as your best option. You don’t have to be a pro at After Effects either, as Dokyu has been built with the new user in mind.

However, if you’re most sensitive to time, then consider Editor and Agency - even if you are yourself a motion designer. Read the next question for more on the Editor and Agency tiers.
Editor is the self-service option to access the complete Dokyu motion design library in your browser, without needing After Effects. Just use in your editor of choice.

Agency is the full service option where you don’t need After Effects or an editor (like Premiere or Final Cut Pro). Simply submit a form with the relevant details to your selected element[s], and we’ll deliver typically within 24 hours.

This is a great option for agencies that need to produce a lot of content, but it’s also suitable for those who have no time, or no technical experience in producing motion designed videos.
Dokyu Motion brings free access to over 1 million stock images and 8,000 stock videos (and growing) to After Effects. Media easily downloads and imports to your project panel without you having to leave After Effects, and it's all license-free!

Media alone makes Dokyu really useful for saving time on a wide variety of projects, and it will always be free.

Included also, is the complete 279 animated icons library which can be used with 1-click ease. It's the most flexible library in Dokyu.

To unlock all elements - over 1,520 and counting - there is a one-time upgrade cost of $57. It’s our most affordable Dokyu option and ideal for motion design professionals and learners alike.
Elements are pre-rendered for you by colour. So, if you download a single-colour animated icon for example, that will be a single 1080p ProRes422HQ file with transparency retained. You can import the file into your editor and easily change position, scale, rotation and colour properties etc.

For elements with multiple colours, however, the download will include a render-pass for each layer. This allows you to assign custom colours in your editor and retain full control over the work.
Many editors want to introduce motion designed elements into their work, but don’t want to pay extra for price of our labour.

In order to offer a hands-off tier for editors who want to access the libraries in the browser without dealing with people, we needed to be able to provide elements in a pre-rendered format.

For text, this doesn’t work so well of course, as everyone needs to write a different message. Text can be added in any editor, but if that’s something you’d like us to include, consider upgrading to the Agency tier.
When Agency customers log in to their Dokyu Browser Studio, they’ll be able to download proxy versions of each element. These are versions of elements with a smaller resolution and file size than the final version.

As you browse the Dokyu libraries, download proxies to your computer for planning, sharing with co-workers/clientele and then re-upload to the Agency order form. By re-uploading, your motion designer can understand the context of the submission.
Typically within 24 hours, you’ll receive two files from us; a full quality ProRes422HQ version (non-lossy) and a web-ready H.264 version ready for uploading to a platform. Having a non-lossy version gives you the opportunity for additional editing work in the future.
By 2020 the average person will be spending 84 minutes a day watching videos online. Video is growing. The problem is, it’s kinda hard to do well.

Dokyu Agency was born out of our pro tool for After Effects, which was developed foremost to simplify motion design for artists with an active subscription to After Effects, and who may or may not have experience in motion design.

With Dokyu, we make motion design even more accessible, by opening up our services to anyone building a brand online, without the need for expensive software and endless tutorials. If you haven’t the time nor inclination to learn motion design, but want to give your brand the edge over every competitor vying for attention, Dokyu exists for you.

If you’re a business owner, it will help your increase brand engagement while leaving you more time to focus on your own strengths in building your business. If you're a film-maker, Dokyu will help you raise the production value of your edits in order to better communicate your message, grow your video audience, and keep everyone else in the rear-view mirror.
Simple Pricing

Motion Design. Simplified.

per month
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1-click elements in After Effects
Over 1m license-free images for use
Over 8,000 license-free videos for use
Requires After Effects CC2019+
per month
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Unlimited downloads each month
Access to new libraries
Easy editing with multi-passes
1080p resolution
Text elements NOT included
7-day free trial
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No editing needed
Submit a form and we'll deliver
Unlimited videos per month
Unlimited requests & revisions
Typical 24 hour turnaround
Text elements INCLUDED
14-day moneyback guarantee